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A story of two paintings and three commissions

This story starts with two paintings.

My buyer fell in love with both of them, and bought them on the spot.

They were delivered, set up, and he was delighted with them both.

This is someone who appreciates art and understands that when you fall in love with a piece, you have to have it.

Onwards and Upwards.jpg
When I Wake Up.png

He then decided to commission three paintings - two portraits of his adorable daughters, and one of the two of them sharing a moment with their beloved pet.

I was energised, inspired and terrified! I wanted to create memorable paintings that were equally works of art as opposed to traditional portraits.

The hard work began.

I decided to stick to my style, push myself and see what the results were. Commissions can be risky – your vision may not translate onto the canvas and ultimately the buyer has to love the work.

As always with art, it is hard to appreciate what it looks like unless you see it in person. So I decided to share the paintings only when they were done. 

Al commission blog.jpg
Al commission 1 blog.jpg
Al Commission 2 blog.jpg

I shipped them off and waited with baited breath. Would he like them? Would he see a likeness? Would they be what he envisioned?

Well…I couldn’t have asked for a greater response.

“I cannot put into words basically…but will try. Absolutely Nailed it. AMAZING. Just captured the entire point. I am struggling honestly. You are an incredible talent and have made me a very very happy man. Thank you so much.”

I really couldn’t have been happier.

And then I received this as a thank you…


That’s a story with a happy ending.

Please be in touch if you’d like to discuss a commission or planning a piece of art together.