Office art commission

I was recently asked to create a painting for a reception area in a law office in London.

Upon seeing the space, I knew it needed something vibrant and bright to say hello to visitors and create a welcoming atmosphere.

So…I got to work.

It is a challenge painting something that everyone will appreciate, from the people who work in the office, to visitors, to those who will be staring at it everyday.

Here is the final painting.

blog 2.jpg

Here’s what it looks like in the office:

The feedback has been amazing.

Some comments from Instagram: “Just beautiful” “Huge fan of this painting”

Some comments from people within the office: “I absolutely LOVE that piece of art in reception.” “Just love the colours”

I am thrilled that it is well loved and fits the space so nicely.

Be in touch if you’d like to commission a piece of art for your space.